What is Cash by Creative?

A service of Yamanair Creative WorldwideCash by Creative is a new business development tool for radio sales. As a market exclusive, Cash by Creative offers instantly customizable spec spots in terrestrial and digital space. Cash by Creative offers premium creative for on air and online in all revenue categories making it an effective prospecting tool.

Cash by Creative houses over two thousand terrestrial and digital spec spots updated weekly. At the touch of a button radio sales reps can customize these specs with their client's messages. Cash by Creative also offers a fully staffed creative department providing custom campaigns from jingles to digital content. Local direct clients receive national agency quality creative at no cost to them as a perk of doing business with your radio station

Cash by Creative is a "local direct performance enhancer" for today's (and tomorrow's) radio with a solid track record in securing revenue. Contact yaman@cashbycreative.com to find out how your organization can subscribe exclusively!

About the Founder

The founder and Creative Director of Cash by Creative is Yaman Coskun, a broadcast advertising specialist with 35 years of creative success stories under his belt. Creative Director for legendary major market radio stations from Philly to LA, Coskun built his reputation as a master of radio production, imaging and copywriting earlier in his career. Responsible for the creative design of numerous local and national radio campaigns, in 2004, Coskun conceived and launched an internal creative resource for the world’s largest broadcasting company; Clear Channel Media. In 2007 Coskun left his executive post and launched Cash by Creative now used effectively in over 110 markets including all of CBS Radio and Townsquare Media.

The parent company of Cash by Creative is YAMANAIR CREATIVE WORLDWIDE, an independent creative shop based out of Washington D.C..

Contact : yaman@cashbycreative.com

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Sample Spot

You can download this spot as is by clicking on the Example link below. This is a CUSTOM SAMPLE and cannot be SNAPped or localized. For a fee, we can redesign it for your client outside of its native market.

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